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I remember when I had my first piece of black ass.  I was young, married and in my mid 20's.  She was a night clerk in our local convenience store.   She had the best figure I had ever seen!  I used to stop by there a few times a week just get a peek at her huge, tight ass.  I figured she would have no interest in me.  I was left alone for the weekend as my wife went to visit family real black pussy out of town.  Later that night, (of course, I began stroking the one eyed monster) and began to think about the black girl at the store.  She looked pretty close like the 3rd girl in the last row.  I got up a little nerve and picked up the phone and called the store.  I started small talk with her and told her that I was an admirer, I thought she would think I was a real pervert, but luckily she didn't!   After we spoke for over an hour, (she had to put the phone down many times because of customers coming in).  I basically learned that she was single, 19 years old, and loved to fuck!  No kidding, our conversation turned to sex and after I described myself to her and convinced her that I was not a maniac, we made plans to meet at the Holiday Inn at 11:30 p.m.  when she got off work.  I was so damn nervous and horny!  I showered, dressed my best, downed a few beers to help me relax and was real black pussy out the door.  About 11:30, I saw her drive up at the Holiday Inn.   I acted like a 15 year old nerd on a first date! .  (Below)

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I introduced myself and made more small talk and she asked if I had gotten the room yet.   I told her no and left to do it.  I came back and we drove to the side of the hotel and entered the room.  She told me that she really didn't have too much time because if she got home way after she got off from work, her family would worry.   I leaned against the dresser and was still feeling really nervous.  She was standing beside the bed and began to undress.   She had the most perfectly  smooth skin and when she began taking down her pants, my mouth literally fell wide open!  She had the absolute finest ass I have ever seen and have yet to see!   She was standing sideways to me and it protruded real black girls pussy out like a bubble!  She had so much ass and it was so, so, so tight and firm!    She held her hand out and told me to come over.  I did and she began to take off my clothes.   She took my shirt off and knelt in front of me and put her full lips right on my hard on which she could see through my pants.  She began blowing and I could feel the warmth of her breath!  I was actually trembling with horniness!  (is that a word?)   To wrap this up....we finally wound up in bed...we did EVERYTHING from oral to anal!  Yes, she asked me to do her in that beautiful butt!  She told me not many black guys have gone down on her.  I jumped at the chance!  I might not have a 12 inch black dick but I have a very talented tounge!  She had the wettest, slickest pussy I had ever seen.  It was actually dripping down her ass crack and onto the sheets.    She rode me better than I had ever been and got me off twice that night.   We had about real black pussy a dozen other encounters which I will write about in a week or so.    It seems like a long time ago and I have only been with other black girl since then.  Oh yeah...I am divorced now too.  I guess screwing around didn't help my marriage real black pussy either.  So to get my sweet, black pussy fix....I signed up with this site.   This way I can see 1000's and 1000's of beautiful black girls anyway I like.   From softcore to ultra hardcore (for whatever mood I am in)  Black pictures,  videos and movies by the 1000's and the best of all are the live shows!  There are many different rooms to choose girls getting fucked, sucking, lesbian action, playing with toys, masturbating alone, group fucking and more.   Don't get jealous when you see some of these black guys with fucking 12" dicks pounding these girls.  It seems as they friggin worship these huge cocks!  It is so cool to chat live with a hot black girl while she is telling you to stroke yourself!  This site was voted the Best Black Site on the Net at the Adult Web Expo for the past 2 years.
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By Monica

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I just graduated from High School.  It was late June and I was walking around my neighborhood asking for house and pet sitting jobs while people went on vacation.  I was planning on buying a car at the end of the summer and besides my job at a local drug store, I needed more money.

It was really hot and I could feel myself lightly glazed with sweat as I walked up the street in my cut-off shorts and my white tank top. I went to each house but I wasn't having much luck until I knocked on James Hoover's door. James was a good looking man in his early thirties. He came to the door,

"Hey Monica, what do you need?" I saw him staring down at my breasts and I was strangely flattered that he was.

"Actually I need a job, I was wondering if you are going on a trip soon and would need some one to water your lawn or any other odd jobs."

"hmmm well im not going away but I do work a lot, so my dog could use some attention during the day and my yard does need help."

"oh that would be great!" I said a little to quickly.

He looked me up and down again and smiled. "Why don't you come in so I can show you where every thing for Rex is?" I agreed and walked inside. His house was extremely well kept and I could tell he made a lot of money.

"You have a nice house."

"Thanks," he said he turned to me and he looked at me strangely.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before Elaine?"

This was a really strange question but of course I had so I said yes. He didn't look surprised and I was about to ask why he asked when he asked "Have you ever been fucked?"

Wow, who did this guy think he was? I was acting totally outraged but actually I was totally turned on by the way he said it and the way he was looking at me.

"No," I said as if offended

"Well have you ever wanted to?"

This is a really hard question for a girl to answer because girls are supposed to hate sex unless they're sluts but I loved the thought of it. I had been thinking lately about what an orgasm was really like since I had never been able to give myself one with just my fingers. As I stood there stunned he walked behind me and put his hand on my stomach. He whispered into my ear "I saw you last night, trying to get yourself off on your bed, you didn't close the blinds."

I thought of last night, in fact I was masturbating on my bed but I hadn't realized...

"You horny little black slut, all you can think about is sex and you're a virgin."

His words hit my ears and sent me in a dizzy spell, I was overcome by how much he knew and I was turned on too! I could feel my panties getting wet and my shorts were warm. James turned me around and kissed me as I just started getting into it and massaging his tongue with mine he started pulling on my tank top. I stopped him, "but you're so much older than me, Mr. Hoover" I said between my heavy breathing.

"You know you want me to fuck you Monica, you've wanted it for awhile need money too."

By this time I was so wet that he didn't have to coax me into anything I was ready to give myself to him. I could feel the bulge in his pants nudging against my hips as he struggled with my bra. I couldn't believe this, a man only five years younger than my father was about to fuck my virgin black pussy. He got my bra off and my breasts bounced free. He moaned a little at the site of my firm c cup breasts offering themselves to his face and then he started squeezing my breasts.......
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